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Robert Deutsch (Executive Producer)

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Telephone: 617-817-3222


Thefty Jack Studios
28 Rutland Square, Boston, MA

We are indie game developers, focused on both the desktop and mobile platforms.

What is Thefty Jack?  Thefty Jack is the brainchild of founders of David Deutsch, Michael McFarland, Gary Stoloff and Robert Deutsch.

We are an international operation, with artists, developers, game designers located in Boston and around the world.   We named our company after a card game.  There’s no mystery to it, it was just suggested and we all went with it.   The neat thing was the business cards with the four founders as different kings with different axes and different color robes.   See

What we’re doing: We love games.  We are dedicated to creating that incredible feeling you get when you’re obsessed with a game, and can’t stop playing it, until you beat it or your thumbs give out.   We are equal opportunity obsessives—whether it was a classic arcade game, a console or a mobile game.

How we got started:  We are all connected by various different jobs, friends and initiatives from the past. Three of us were unemployed and with fierce determination decided to develop an app!  One friend with a steady gig said he’d put up the money for the game.   Six months later we were in the app store getting downloads!

Why “Zombie I Scream?”  First was the question of zombies.  Part of our devotion to the classics is creating characters that have broad appeal— zombies are clearly in the zeitgeist.  We looked at a lot of different styles. We set out to create lovable zombies—after all, our goal in the game is to SAVE them.  Nobody wants to save a sour zombie. Our zombies aren’t too scary, but they meet the criteria for being zombies: they’re dead, they’re a bit bloody, they have a grey skin tone and in some cases they’re missing body parts. 

The backstory of Zombie I Scream is significant.  Only a small portion of it was used for the first game. You can expect many more volumes to emerge.

Why Ice Cream?  Well of course, if zombies are in the zeitgeist now, ice cream has always been an obsession.   During development we imagined an ice cream truck trying to “shake” off people who were too late to get to ice cream, using the “shake” feature. But it wasn’t funny to shake people off the truck. But zombies are funny, you can shake them off the truck all day.   Meanwhile, you’re saving the world.  We thought that was a good combination.

What’s Next?

We’re very excited about our next release,  Zombie I Scream Paris. Besides the new city, it will feature new zombies (real Euro-trash) and new game features.   We’re aiming for a pre-Summer release.

Also in our queue,  a port to Android, because the fans have demanded it.

And several other non-zombie games in development.


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How to Fend Off the coming Zombie Apocalypse?
With Ice Cream the Government Gives You, of Course!

Revolutionary zombie cure at the center of new iPhone game

Boston, MA. – January 21, 2013, — In a world of increasing polarization, overwhelming partisanship and escalating gun violence, Thefty Jack LLC, the makers of Zombie I Scream ( decided that perhaps the world would be better off if we tried a little tenderness—on zombies.

In the game you are the world’s last chance to save humankind from the current zombie apocalypse. Rather than weapons of mass destruction, which are standard in zombie games, Zombie I Scream provides you with an ice-cream truck filled with Government supplied anti-zombie ice cream cones.   Each zombie requires a special recipe—which the scanners in your truck tell you moments before the undead shuffle up to your window.  The flavors, such as “Minty Eyeball” and “Vein-illa Oblongata” have been specially created to appeal zombies, while secretly containing the anti-zombie formula.  The toppings, ranging from blood to eyeballs, are just there for flavor.  (For promotions, the company is readying some edible versions, created by Artisan ice cream maker Jane’s Ice Cream of Kingston, NY)

Fighting through the city of Boston is first.  A player makes his way through Kenmore Square, Faneuil Hall and Harvard Square —and he must return enough zombies to human form to cause a reverse domino effect, thus saving the section of town, eventually the city.  The company is planning its next set of cities to be available in March 2013.

If you’re hardy enough, and quick on the ice cream scooper, you’ll encounter 35 rounds of zombie onslaught—you’ll be rewarded by a showdown with zombie patient zero—who happens to be the evil mastermind and a Chicken, named Carl.   “Carl may have your wife,” said game designer Michael McFarland. “He is certainly bent on infecting the next city. Mankind’s only hope is that you stop him.”  Your tools against zombie chickens? Zombie ice cream cones, of course, topped with a cherry bomb.

Zombie I Scream is available as now in its full version ( and an ad-supported “lite” version  ( 


  • Zombie friendly
  • Family friendly
  • 35 unique Boston-based levels
  • Specials such as Electricity and a Cow
  • Special bonus level when all is completed
  • Game center connection for high scores




Zombies at Fenway 

Zombies at Harvard Square

Zombies at the USS Constitution

Zombies at Kenmore Square

Zombies at Zakim Bridge

Zombies at Fenway



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Game Play by Thefty Jack

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