Thefty Jack Studios of Boston are proud to announce our forthcoming new title, COMBO.

Combo is a new and addictive safe-cracking game that challenges your speed and dexterity. The object of Combo is to quickly turn the character wheels to match a randomly generated combination. Once a match has been made, the player advances to the next combination. As you continue to play, the combinations become more challenging.

Multiple play modes allows the player to play in the way that suits their skill level. As you continue to play, the number of wheels in play increase.  We are not saying what's in the safe—that's for you to determine.  Happy spinning!


Stats will show the player, via a simple leader board, his/her successes. The leader board will be broken down by level, time to complete and mode (simple to difficult). When connected to the web, whether through wifi or 3G/4G, the leaderboard will replace the local leaderboard with the Apple GameCenter leaderboard. 

Available Winter 2014!  Come see us at PAX East. 


Thefty Jack Studios proudly announces Zombie I Scream Paris— the long-awaited sequel to the game Evolve called "One of the Best 10 Mobile Games at PAX East."   This time, our lovable zombies have invaded Paris! Thanks to Carl the Chicken, they've landed in the city of love!

Whether you call it ice cream or gelato, Zombie I Scream PARIS promises more action, new and exciting French locales, new (French) Zombies, new challenges and and of course a more intense battle with Carl the Chicken!

Only you can stop the Zombie Apocalypse! Zombie I Scream is a game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Available Spring 2014!  Come see us at PAX East 2014!

Zombie I Scream Paris 

Zombie I Scream 1.0  BOSTON

In the first version of Thefty Jack Studio's zombie hit,  you are the world’s last chance to save humankind from the current zombie apocalypse. Rather than weapons of mass destruction, which are standard in zombie games, Zombie I Scream provides you with an ice-cream truck filled with Government supplied anti-zombie ice cream cones.   Each zombie requires a special recipe—which the scanners in your truck tell you moments before the undead shuffle up to your window.  The flavors, such as “Minty Eyeball” and “Vein-illa Oblongata” have been specially created to appeal zombies, while secretly containing the anti-zombie formula.  The toppings, ranging from blood to eyeballs, are just there for flavor.  (For promotions, the company is readying some edible versions, created by Artisan ice cream maker Jane’s Ice Cream of Kingston, NY)

Fighting through the city of Boston is first.  A player makes his way through Kenmore Square, Faneuil Hall and Harvard Square —and he must return enough zombies to human form to cause a reverse domino effect, thus saving the section of town, eventually the city.  The company is planning its next set of cities to be available in March 2013.

If you’re hardy enough, and quick on the ice cream scooper, you’ll encounter 35 rounds of zombie onslaught—you’ll be rewarded by a showdown with zombie patient zero—who happens to be the evil mastermind and a Chicken, named Carl.   “Carl may have your wife,” said game designer Michael McFarland. “He is certainly bent on infecting the next city. Mankind’s only hope is that you stop him.”  Your tools against zombie chickens? Zombie ice cream cones, of course, topped with a cherry bomb.

Zombie I Scream is available as now in its full version ( and an ad-supported “lite” version  (  


Zombie I Scream  PARIS

Coming soon!  Come visit us at PAX Booth 1081 for details.