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Outlines are spooky.  Sometimes, at dusk, when you're not yet used to the lack of the light, outlines can be terrifying.   Horror films make great use of this effect.  Often, they will add to the creepiness by adding dry-ice smoke, some kind of curtain, or as in the original (and fave film of old-time zombie film lovers) John Carpenter's Halloween, tall suburban shrubberies.

Alfred Hitchcock, one of the greatest horror film directors of all time, knew something about outlines, and that was they were SUSPENSEFUL.  Suspense is what makes for great horror.  Like in JAWS by Steven Spielberg. It wasn't about seeing the shark but being SCARED of the shark.

When I saw our first outlines of our zombies.  I knew someone would be scared of them.  Not me, but someone.  Could that be you?  Perhaps they don't look scary now, because they're just outlines.  But when they get all zombied up, and full of blood, guts, and human entrails (and ripped clothing) you'll be plenty scared!

If that doesn't scare you, you might be brave.  But let's see how you feel when they ALL gang up on you!  That's what zombies do, after all.  You can ask anyone.  Anyone that's still alive, and not an outline that is.

zombie outline sketch

alfred, the zombie

We quickly realized that making an iPhone Zombie game was a big responsibility.  People are very familiar with zombies. In a weird way, they LOVE zombies.  Well, they love to KILL zombies.  And why not?  They aren't human, they're the undead.  They're going to kill you if you don't do something about it.  Usually, they have sheer numbers on their side-- they quickly outnumber the last remaining humans.  There are really only a few endings of all zombie stories, and they are often not happy ones.

As we started to work our way through various drawings and game mechanics, we were torn between telling a hopeful story and hewing to the grim fabric that is so common with all zombie stories.  We knew we needed a story.  But who was the story's narrator? Star? Luckless human?   When building an iPhone game, you have to work out a lot of things in advance.  Some of them involve complex algorithms, which is not like a zombie movie at all.

When the drawings started to come back, we knew we were onto something.   But we just weren't ready to tell anyone.   What if some other Apple Iphone developer took our idea?  What is some other zombie game maker took our idea?  We couldn't risk it.  Like a George A. Romero hero, we were going to have to work in the dark, alone, and afraid of zombies for a little while.

zombiie streetwalker

So we started a company and we are determined to make the best zombie game for the iphone ever.   We love zombie movies, after all, and who doesn't?  Whether they be the classics like "Night of the Living Dead," or modern day retakes like "Zombieland," there seems to be no end to what writers and directors believe causes a zombie plague, nor a ceiling for the indomitable spirit of mankind.    When we knew we were making an iphone zombie game, we thought to ourselves "why will this be better than any other iphone game, specifically Plants vs. Zombies (which one of our team couldn't put down long enough to have a conversation)?"

Of course, the answer for the game, as in life, is that it's all how you look at things.  And we decided to look at things a bit differently. We knew that it had to be a game we would like, but perhaps more importantly, one that  all the 15 year olds around us would LOVE. (This would have an ancillary benefit of keeping them quiet for a while).  It wouldn't just have to be a great iphone zombie game, it would have to as good or better than other zombie movies, zombie halloween costumer, zomblie online games, and zombie comic books.

HOW WERE WE GOING TO MANAGE THAT?  Naturally, by summoning the human spirit in the midst of a zombie outbreak.   No matter how bleak the outlook, they muster the strength to secure food and bolt the doors.  Guessing we had only to nightfall, we laid out our weapons, and got to work.




It all started with a simple drawing of a girl.  A girl zombie. A girl zombie who liked ice cream.   The drawing, by a cartoonist from Ireland, was a manifestation of a dream that four Bostonians had had.  It was the first ever combination of zombies, ice cream and a chicken.

It is said that to be successful you must be bold.  And bold means being inventive.  It's hard, when you think about it, to be innovative with a zombie game. The market is not saturated, but it is crowded.  It brings to mind the mall in George Romero's zombie classic "Dawn of the Dead."

And by that, I mean the market for this genre of games has ALMOST seen it all with zombie PC games, flash zombie games, zombie attacks and iphone zombie games.

But these four Bostonians were not deterred.  They knew that with the right attitude, some luck, and a dedicated bunch of fans and a great artist, they too would invent an incredible game that would make the dead and undead alike scream with joy.    And it wouldn't be just any zombie shooter game, or cheap free online zombie game.  It would be the BEST ZOMBIE GAME EVER.  And of course, it would feature a chicken.