PAX East 2013 was a fantastic event!  Whether you're a gamer, a developer or you just love gamers and developers, its worth your while to go there and just ABSORB the incredible, smart, and collaborative energy.   Okay, sure there's a lot of sugary drinks, salty snacks and long waits for the men's room.   But that aside, you will have your mind blown, your eyes excited and your ear drums blistered by the amazing things you can do, sites you can see and sensations you can experience.  

We met so many great people there, including reporters, writers, bloggers and just people walking around with cameras.   We met an incredible beat-boxer named Charlie (I'll post that video tomorrow).    We met Angelina Montanez from Evolve ( and she included our game, Zombie I Scream,  in  Evolve's "10 Best Mobile Games of PAX East 2013!" Check it out here. 

As they say, it's an honor to be nominated, but it's FANTASTIC to be in the top ten!  Thanks Angelina and Evolve!