rob_zombie?Day two here at PAX.   What's so amazing about this conference is that everyone, or at least a great deal of the attendees come dressed to kill— in full costume, sprouting wings, wearing a cape, or carrying a weapon.  And yet, they are the most gentle and collaborative people I've ever had the pleasure to spend eight hours a day with.   In all honesty, I have seen librarians capable of rougher stuff than I've seen here at PAX East.   

Aside from those dressed as super heroes, game characters, film folks and comic books inhabitants, even the zombies are nice!  I mean, where in the world could competing zombie games have a meet-n-greet, as the one that was captured above?  OK, I'm not a zombie (yet) but we did have a nice talk (well, grunt) where we exchanged fave zombie ice cream recipes and discussed the care, feeding, and ultimate destruction of plants.   It was nice, and I can't wait for day three!