Readers of this blog and fans of gaming know that PAX, and especially PAX East 2013 is a special conference.   The people who attend (and especially the people thefty jack and pax enforcerswho come by our booth to play the game) are incredible, and day one has been exhausting, exhillirating and certainly voice-straining. (Perhaps due to inhaling Hawken's mech exhaust all day).   The event has a great "buzz" to it but s special shout out needs to go to Laura, our neighborhood friendly PAX enforcer (with a yellow band) for helping us get set up, get started, and keep going.  She was a source of inspiration, reliability, and seemingly unflappable energy!  She even agreed to pose with a picture for us, so you know she has a great sense of humor!  She will continue to be hovering around us and our neighbors to make sure we haven't keeled over, run out of supplies, or wilted from excessive ice cream eating!