It's 7AM and we are busy setting up our booth. Booth 1081 is a modest booth, with just a table and some giveaways.   Any hubris we MIGHT have had is kept squarely in check by our booth neighbors. On one side, the perennial video game fan favorite, "Massachusetts State Treasury Unclaimed Property" booth (complete with typo) still stands empty.  And on the other side, the massive and quite overwhelming Hawken booth, threatens to not only block out all the light in the convention for us but also make conversation with visitors impossible (with its blaring screens and game play) and perhaps unhealthy, with its consistent and threatening fake exhaust vent.   From this picture, you probably can't tell how large the Hawken mech is.  I can tell you though, it's very very threatening.  Even some of our zombies are starting to worry.

  However, we stand at the ready to entertain and engage with any all visitors that make their way to our booth.  #zombie scream