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October 24th, 2013— The Hometown Weekly covers Zombie I Scream!  Read about it here:




Amazing things happen at PAX! This seems too good to be true, but it really happened at the Thefty Jack Studios booth. We were there promoting Zombie I Scream and who should stop by but Chaz Hadouken. He arrived at our booth a regular guy, but soon transformed into a real zombie who was happy to demonstrate his beat-boxing skills in a musical performance about eating brains! This remarkably talented man (and zombie) amazed us all and we're glad to have caught it on video. See if you think it is as special as we thought we did!

PAX East 2013 was a fantastic event!  Whether you're a gamer, a developer or you just love gamers and developers, its worth your while to go there and just ABSORB the incredible, smart, and collaborative energy.   Okay, sure there's a lot of sugary drinks, salty snacks and long waits for the men's room.   But that aside, you will have your mind blown, your eyes excited and your ear drums blistered by the amazing things you can do, sites you can see and sensations you can experience.  

We met so many great people there, including reporters, writers, bloggers and just people walking around with cameras.   We met an incredible beat-boxer named Charlie (I'll post that video tomorrow).    We met Angelina Montanez from Evolve ( and she included our game, Zombie I Scream,  in  Evolve's "10 Best Mobile Games of PAX East 2013!" Check it out here. 

As they say, it's an honor to be nominated, but it's FANTASTIC to be in the top ten!  Thanks Angelina and Evolve!

rob_zombie?Day two here at PAX.   What's so amazing about this conference is that everyone, or at least a great deal of the attendees come dressed to kill— in full costume, sprouting wings, wearing a cape, or carrying a weapon.  And yet, they are the most gentle and collaborative people I've ever had the pleasure to spend eight hours a day with.   In all honesty, I have seen librarians capable of rougher stuff than I've seen here at PAX East.   

Aside from those dressed as super heroes, game characters, film folks and comic books inhabitants, even the zombies are nice!  I mean, where in the world could competing zombie games have a meet-n-greet, as the one that was captured above?  OK, I'm not a zombie (yet) but we did have a nice talk (well, grunt) where we exchanged fave zombie ice cream recipes and discussed the care, feeding, and ultimate destruction of plants.   It was nice, and I can't wait for day three! 

Readers of this blog and fans of gaming know that PAX, and especially PAX East 2013 is a special conference.   The people who attend (and especially the people thefty jack and pax enforcerswho come by our booth to play the game) are incredible, and day one has been exhausting, exhillirating and certainly voice-straining. (Perhaps due to inhaling Hawken's mech exhaust all day).   The event has a great "buzz" to it but s special shout out needs to go to Laura, our neighborhood friendly PAX enforcer (with a yellow band) for helping us get set up, get started, and keep going.  She was a source of inspiration, reliability, and seemingly unflappable energy!  She even agreed to pose with a picture for us, so you know she has a great sense of humor!  She will continue to be hovering around us and our neighbors to make sure we haven't keeled over, run out of supplies, or wilted from excessive ice cream eating! 


@ Pax we've been meeting some great people— people have been trying our game and loving Zombie I Scream!   Even though we've been giving away stuff, people have been asking for our t-shirts in all sizes (we're down to small and medium at the booth!). 

Fortunately, we have an agreement with a company called Spreadshirt— where you can go get any size zombie t-shirt you want, and in any color!  So whether you want XXL or XXS, we'll be ready to serve you t-shirts (and then ice cream!).

 For all sizes, go to our online store! 


  We're proud to have you wear our zombies— after all, we worked hard to make them scary, lovable, and family-friendly.   But they are still zombies— they have grey skin, are bloodied, and some are missing body parts.


It's 7AM and we are busy setting up our booth. Booth 1081 is a modest booth, with just a table and some giveaways.   Any hubris we MIGHT have had is kept squarely in check by our booth neighbors. On one side, the perennial video game fan favorite, "Massachusetts State Treasury Unclaimed Property" booth (complete with typo) still stands empty.  And on the other side, the massive and quite overwhelming Hawken booth, threatens to not only block out all the light in the convention for us but also make conversation with visitors impossible (with its blaring screens and game play) and perhaps unhealthy, with its consistent and threatening fake exhaust vent.   From this picture, you probably can't tell how large the Hawken mech is.  I can tell you though, it's very very threatening.  Even some of our zombies are starting to worry.

  However, we stand at the ready to entertain and engage with any all visitors that make their way to our booth.  #zombie scream


Going to PAX EAST, the Gaming Wonderland!

If you're reading this, you're at very least interested in Zombies, Games, or Web sites.   For that reason you owe it to yourself to get over to PAX East- a once-a year event that is a celebration of all things electronic gaming!   Check it out here.  There will be a reported 72,000 attendees, and each one of them with a favorite super hero, game icon or anti-hero.   Whether for you it's Call of Duty or Wreck-it-Ralph or Zombie I Scream, you should come down to Boston's seaport district and check us out!  And of course if you don't have the game yet, you can download it here.

Thefty Jack Studios, the makers of Zombie I Scream, will be at booth 1081 and we'll be there with ways for you to play the game, and download the game, sign up for updates and check out next update—wihich is our Zombies go to Paris! (Well they didn't go, the virus went there). 

We'll have some giveaways and a zombie makeup artist— so come loaded for zombies and bring your friends!

Also, we'll be living blogging at Twitter: so follow us to keep up with the action. 

What are you waiting for? Go get it now! The world can't wait!


zombieiscream poster